This book summarises the narratives in prose poetry music and song for the remembrance ceremonies at Christmas of 2013, 14 and 15, for the souls of 500 people who died in WW1, the Easter Rising of 1916, the War of Independence and the Civil War and whose bodies are interred close together in Glasnevin Cemetery. The author aspires to be a source of a more complex understanding of the period 1913-1923 in Ireland and of the contrasting perspectives of the protagonists, for his children and grandchildren in his role as an ancestor who has few fixed opinions. Rather he offers many useful questions in the quest for truth that will hopefully serve to heal our collective suffering as a community and promote a vision of a true Republic as being one river, born of many streams.

Table of Contents


1. Historical context for the decade of conflict

2. Ireland's participation in World War One: la defense de la France

Photographic remembrances of 1913-1923 in colour

3. The Rising of Easter 1916

4. The War of Independence in Ireland

5. Women and the movement to Irish independence

6. Re-construing the decade of conflict 1913-1923

7. Christmas in the Trenches


Rememberances Book & CD Launch

'Remembrances of 1913-1923 at Glasnevin Cemetery' by Sean Brophy and a CD 'The Graves of Glasnevin' by the Clareville Invincibles
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